Live Chat

On the LiveChat interface, you can see the recent conversations between your subscribers and your Telegram bot. Of course, on LiveChat, you can directly converse with the subscribers.

Moreover, you can unsubscribe a subscriber and subscribe back the subscribers any time. Of course, you can reset user input flow for a subscriber.

In this article, I will talk about how to perfectly use LiveChat.

First, go to the dashboard of the BotSailor. At the left sidebar of the dashboard, after the Telegram section, you will see a menu called LiveChat. Click on the LiveChat menu.

Instantly, the interface of the Telegram LiveChat will appear.

In the subscribers’ list section, you can see the list of subscribers you have conversed with recently. Also, you can search for a subscriber on the search bar. Also, you can reload the subscribers by clicking on the reload button.

The messaging window is for directly chatting with subscribers.

Besides Chatting with subscribers, you can send BotFlow.

In the action sections, you can accomplish some tasks. Moreover, you can see the primary data of users.

First, you will see an Actions button. Click on the Actions button and a drop-down list of Unsubscribe and Reset User Input Flow will appear.

By clicking on the Unsubscribe button, you can unsubscribe the subscriber that is selected. Then, instead of unsubscribe, you will see a Subscribe button. And by clicking on the subscribe button, you can subscribe back the user.

And by clicking on the Reset User Input Flow button, you can reset User Input Flow for a subscriber.

Then, you will see a form called a label. From the label field, you can assign a label to a specific subscriber. Click on the label form and instantly appear a drop-down menu of different labels you have created before. Then you have to select a label to assign the label to a subscriber list. The selected labels will appear on the label form. Well, you can select as many labels as you want for a specific user. True, you can remove labels one after another by clicking on the cross icon next to the label name. Of course, you can remove all the labels by clicking on the cross icon in the field.

Moreover, you can create a new label from here. Click on the create label button and a modal form with one field will appear. Write the name of the new label in the field and click on the new label button, and the label will be created and selected in the field automatically.

In the message sequence field, you can set sequence messages for users. Click on the message sequence field, and instantly a drop-down menu of different campaigns of sequence messages will appear. From the drop-down menu, you have to select a sequence message campaign. Also, you can select as many campaigns as you want.

Well, in the opt-in through option, you can see whether the subscriber has come directly through Telegram or the source is unknown. If you see the word Direct beside the opt-in through, you know that the user has come through your Telegram account directly.

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