Create A.I Auto Reply In WhatsApp / Integrate With ChatGPT

The Artificial Intelligence (A.I) reply depends on the ability of OpenAI's ChatGPT. So, every reply or response is based on ChatGPT knowledge or how the A.I learn from your command input.

The standard version of ChatGPT has a knowledge cutoff from September 2021. That means it does not have access to any information on events that occurred after that date. The information is limited until September 2021 only.

So, if you or your customer asks for the latest general knowledge/information, especially information after September 2021, then the A.I cannot give the correct answer.

To create an A.I auto-reply is just the same as creating the normal WhatsApp Auto Reply. Go to the Bot Manager menu and click the Bot Reply option. Then, click the Create button to start.

Then, create your Bot flow by setup the Trigger, the title of Start Bot Flow, and giving the instruction to the A.I Reply block. You also can add and connect another block/element to your bot flow.

Then, you also need to enable the No-Match reply and edit the No-Match Reply template so the A.I reply will be fully utilized. You need to edit the No-Match reply with the A.I Reply block/element.

You also can refer to the previous tutorial on how to create the No-Match Reply.

For more details. you also can check in the video below:

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