Create A Message Template For WhatsApp Business API

The message template is important for you if you want to send a message to subscribers that are already outside 24 hours period.

This is the rule set by Meta that if you want to contact subscribers that already passed 24 hours, you need to have a message template approved by Meta.

The message template is used in situations like broadcasting messages, manually sending messages, or for sequence (follow-up) messages.

To create the message template, click on the Bot Manager menu

Then, scroll to the Message Template setting menu and you will see the Create button.

When you click the Create button, a popup will appear and here you will set your message template based on your requirements.

After submitting your message template, you need to click on the Check Status button so you will know whether your template is approved by Meta or not. Only approved message templates can be used later. Sometimes it takes time for the template to get approved. You just need to wait and always check the status.

Check the video below on how to create a simple message template.

Template Variables

You also can create Template Variables to use in your message template. These Template Variables will be replaced by data that you got from another platform when you are using automation such as Webhook. You can create the Template Variable under the Message template menu.

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