Verify Facebook Business Manager

Verification of Facebook Business Manager is not compulsory but it is important if you always use your WhatsApp bot to send a Business-Initiated Conversation.

A Business-Initiated Conversation is a message started by you (a business owner) and sent to your customer. This includes the blast/broadcasting message to your customer.

There are 3 types of Business-Initiated Conversation:

  • Marketing Conversation

  • Utility Conversation

  • Authentication Conversation

For more details about these conversations, you can read it here.

You need to verify your Facebook Business Account so you can increase your Business-Initiated Conversation for your Whatsapp Chatbot.

For an Unverified Business Account, you only have a limit of 250 conversations for 24 hours. This means that you only can send 250 conversations every 24 hours.

For a Verified Business Account, for a start, you will have a limit of 1,000 conversations for 24 hours and this limit will be increasing based on your account performance. For more info about this, you can read it here:

To verify your account, open your Facebook Business Manager (, and select which account you want to use. Make sure the correct Business account then click on the gear icon.

Then, go to the Settings menu and click on the Business settings. A new page will be opened.

Click on the Business Info menu and you will see the status of your Business account. Then check whether your account is already verified or not. If unverified, click on the view details to proceed with verification.

Then you'll see a button to start your account verification.

After clicking the start button, you just follow all the requirements and upload the document needed by Facebook.

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