Subscriber Manager

With the Subscriber Manager feature of BotSailor, a free Telegram bot building platform, you can see all of your subscribers and their details in a list and can accomplish some other tasks.

First, go to the dashboard of the BotSailor. At the left sidebar of the dashboard, you will see a menu called subscriber manager. Click on the subscriber manager menu.

Instantly, a page called subscriber manager will appear with a button called Manages labels, an option, a search bar with some option to search for specific users, and a list of subscribers and their detailsβ€” including an action button.

In the search bar of the bot manager page, you can search for subscribers in different ways using the different options.

Now come to the options button. With the options button, you can perform different types of tasks. Now click on the options button and a drop-down menu of different options β€” Import Subscribers, Assign Label, Assign Sequence, Delete Subscribers β€” will appear.

You can import subscribers, by clicking on the import subscribers menu.

Click on the import subscribers menu and instantly, a modal form called import subscribers will appear with two fields - Select Label and Select bot. To import subscribers, you have to select a bot. Also, you can select Labels to import the subscribers of the Labels. Now click on the upload button to import the subscribers.

By clicking on the Assign label option, you can assign subscribers to a specific label.

First, select some subscribers and click on the Assign label option to assign the subscribers to the label. Instantly, a pop-up form called assign label will appear. Now select a label or labels and click on the assign button to assign the subscribers to the labels.

Likewise, you can assign a sequence to the subscribers by selecting subscribers and clicking on the Assign sequence option.

Likewise, you can delete subscribers by selecting subscribers and clicking on the Delete Subscriber option.

Just as you click on the delete subscriber option, a warning dialogue will appear with a Delete and Cancel button.

Click on the Delete button and a successful message will appear.

By clicking on the action button, you can also assign labels and sequence to a subscriber.

Also, you can see the interaction of a subscriber with a user input flow.

And data from the subscriber saved in the custom field variable.

To manage labels, click on the Manage Label field. Instantly, a new page called Bot Labels will appear. On the page, you can create labels, see the list of labels and search for specific labels.

To create a label, click on the create button and a pop-up form will appear with two fields β€” label name and Select bot. In the label name fields, write the name of the label you want to create and select the User name of your bot in the select bot fields. Now click on the Save button. Instantly, a success message will appear. That is, your label has been created. Now close the Create label field. Now the new label will be added to the list of the label.

You can also delete any label by clicking on the action button of the label name.

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