Create Message Broadcasting (Outside 24 Hours)

For broadcasting messages to subscribers outside of 24 hours period, firstly you need to have a message template. Please check the tutorial on how to create the message template. Check it below:

pageCreate A Message Template For WhatsApp Business API

At the left sidebar of the dashboard, under the WhatsApp menu, click the Broadcasting menu and click Create button to create a new campaign.

Then, you will be redirected to the drag-and-drop visual Flow Builder editor. In this Flow Builder editor, you will see the Action Button component connected with the Start Bot Flow and sidebar called configure action button.

In the Action Button block, the broadcast option is already selected and by default, it will enable the 24-hour option button. So, you need to change the button to the Anytime option. Then it will show you the total of targetted subscribers that you can send a message to.

For outside the 24-hour window (anytime), you need to use and select the template message that you already created before as the sending message.

Now you have to fill out the other fields of the configure action button. Create a name for the campaign in the campaign name fields.

In the Include label ids, provide labels. The broadcast message will be sent to the people included in this label. Then provide a label in the exclude label ids. The broadcast message will not be sent to the people that are included in these fields.

Finally, click on the OK button.

For more steps by steps, you can check the video below:

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